A la carte

Discover our seasonal menu


  • Asparagus soup, poached egg, ham crisp and and savory whipped cream : 8€
  • Half-cooked duck foie-gras and cherry jam (extra 2€ in the menu) : 11€
  • Crispy crab roll and spices sauce served with salad and walnut vinaigrette : 9€

Main courses

  • Sirloin steak (VBF +/- 200gr)Home made fries, salad and choice of diferent sauces : 13€
  • Fish of the moment and seasonal vegetables : 14.50€
  • Veal rump in roasted hazelnut, quinoa with comfit lemon and peanuts, honey and rosemary sauce : 15€
  • Cod loin rolled in thyme crumble, white and green asparagus, shallots and white wine sauce : 14€
  • Beef tartare from our local butcher served with garlic and herbs potatoes : 13€


  • Strawberry, lime and mint pot : 7€
  • Artisanal Ice cream (3 scoops of your choice) : 7€
  • Chef’s special cake based on almond and seasonal fruit, yoghurt and raspberry coulis ice cream : 7€
  • Chocolate cream and almond crispy biscuits served with an Irish coffee ice cream : 8

OUR LARGE SALADS (alternative to a main course in our menu)

  • Antipasti salad: marinated and comfit vegetables topped with Parmigiano        12€
  • Charentaise salad: Melon, Parma ham, soft cheese and comfit tomatoes      13€
  • Duck Salad: Duck gizzard, smoked duck breast, foie gras and crispy bread               15€